Quizlanka is a dedicated and interactive site for all quiz enthusiasts. It is focused on those who have an insatiable thirst for knowledge. They are also driven by a passion and a dedication to practice this beautiful and competitive mind game of quizzing.

Run and managed by Quiz promoter and enthusiast, Ruwan Senanayake, Sri Lanka's representative of the International Quizzing Association, and his team of expert quizzers, we endeavour to enhance and elevate the standard of quizzing to a level that of other recognized mind sports such as chess, and bridge. This is intended to be a  a forum for passionate quizzers to exchange information and enhance their knowledge whilst being entertained. In order to achieve this we have lined up plenty of activities for you.

QuizLanka is a not-for profit organization, open for any quiz enthusiasts of any age. We are open to anybody from any country, who could communicate in English.

Essentially QuizLanka is the place for those gifted individuals who have a passion for quiz.

"All of Life is a Quiz; All the Answers are there.

You just have to come up with the right questions to WIN"

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