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Quiz Lanka is a dedicated quiz site of the quizzers, for the quizzers and by the quizzers. Run and managed by Quiz promoter, trainer and enthusiast, Ruwan Senanayake, Sri Lanka's representative of the International Quizzing Association, and his team of expert quizzers, we endeavour to enhance and elevate the standard of quizzing to a level that of other recognized mind sports such as chess, and bridge.

We are a not-for profit organization, open for any quiz enthusiasts above the age of 10. We are open to anybody from any country.

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QuiziPedia presents questions in non-thematic sections. This makes reading and answering QuiziPedia a much more challenging and interesting pursuit. You have the opportunity to test all-round ability rather than just have a quick check on a known subject. Therefore the 15 questions that appear in each of the 50 quizzes in this book, cover a variety of subjects such as sport, science, art, geography, literature, entertainment and general knowledge. Answers to each quiz are provided on the page. Now we have the QuiziPedia 2 with more interesting questions.

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